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【yobo体育官网登录】王宝山:球队相比第一阶段有了大改变 激烈比赛更考验双方心理
发布时间:2021-10-09 05:50:01

On October 16, Beijing time, the first match of the second stage of the Chinese Super League relegation group is about to start. Tianjin TEDA will face Shenzhen Kaisa at Dalian Jinzhou Stadium. On the afternoon of the 15th, Tianjin TEDA coach Wang Baoshan and his player Suarez attended the pre-match press conference.

北京时间10月16日,中国超级联赛降级小组第二阶段的第一场比赛即将开始。天津泰达将在大连锦州体育场面对深圳凯萨。 15日下午,天津泰达教练王宝山和球员苏亚雷斯参加了赛前新闻发布会。

Regarding the preparations for this round, the head coach Wang Baoshan took the lead in explaining: "After the first stage is over, we have more than two weeks of time to prepare the team for the second stage. This is a very valuable preparation. Time. Everyone knows that we didn’t play well in the first stage of the game. We hope that during this time the whole team will prepare for the coaches and players. We look forward to tomorrow’s game to show the skills and tactics we have practiced in the past two weeks. Our passion, in the end, is looking forward to good performance and achieving the results we want."


Due to the poor performance of Tianjin TEDA in the first stage, the head coach said to the team’s current mentality: "Because before the game starts, various unpredictable things may become the head coach’s concern, but I believe that after we With an in-depth summary of the first stage of the game, as well as the improvement of technical and tactical training, we believe that our players have a good performance in mental fighting spirit."


Talking about the special competition system of this year’s league, the head coach Wang Baoshan bluntly said cruelly: “It’s cruel. In a special year, due to the special epidemic, there is a special competition system. I believe this fierce competition will test the psychological conditions of both parties. , I believe we are ready in this regard. I believe we will have a very big change from the first stage."

在谈到今年联赛的特殊比赛制度时,总教练王宝山直率地说:“这很残酷。在特殊的年份,由于特殊的流行,有特殊的竞争体系。我相信这场激烈的竞争将考验双方的心理状况。 ,我相信我们已经做好这方面的准备。我相信,从第一阶段开始,我们将发生很大的变化。”

As an experienced local coach, Wang Baoshan has also served as a deep-footed coach. Talking about this relationship, Wang Baoshan believes: "As far as coaches are concerned, they are full of expectations for any game, although I have I have coached a lot of operations, but in recent years the team has also undergone great changes and cannot be said to be the same."


As the team has introduced new aids, Wang Baoshan said: "We have replenished personnel during the intermittent period to fill up the shortcomings in the position link. I believe it can improve the competition within the team. We Targeted deployment and arrangements will be made according to the opponent's tactics and personnel characteristics."


When asked about the decisive and crucial issue of the defense line in the second stage, Wang Baoshan said: "This kind of knockout, I believe that each team is more about the pursuit of offensive and defensive balance, not just offensive or defensive."


PP sports reporter Guo Huan reports from Dalian


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